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Opening Night

an autoteatro piece for one audience member at a time accompanying the audience through the museum's first floor exhibition, chasing a party that escapes them continually.

Following a set of  pre-recorded instructions, the participants become part of a narration that exists in their ears only and that slowly unravels as they 'act it'.

The piece creates a parallel binaural sound world that sits onto the surrounding environment, transforming reality into a poetic and surreal world, which pushes the spectators to re-discover their relationship with the space and their own way of inhabiting it.

written by Silvia Mercuriali

commissioned by Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo,

in collaboration with  Teatro Stabile of  Verona


music by Schumann arranged by Federica Furlani

violin:Laura Masotto,

viola: Federica Furlani

cello: Eleuteria Arena

double bass: Nicola Monti

singing voice, soprano: Elena Bertuzzi

NARRATOR: Silvia Mercuriali

with a cameo from the collector Luigi Carlon


Thanks to the students of:  Verona University, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Teatro Stabile's Acting Masterclass for giving a voice to the characters in the piece: The artist and his muse, the party guests, the gossiping crowd and the wandering guests.

Camilla Bossi, Francesco Campus, Elia Carrara, Luca Castelli, Sara Coelati Rama, Matilde Di Chio Fainello, Giulia Fassina, Luca Lucente, Guglielmo Ros, Martina Rossi, Federico Troiano, Sabrina Modenese, Raffaele Tognolini, Federico Baltieri, Cecilia Benvegnù, Giorgia Cadin, Andrea Chesini, Giulia Dossi, Marta Filippini, StefanoGrubissich, Carlotta Matano, CarlottaMenegazzo, Chiara Monici, Sara Pasqualini, Laura Pernechele, Emma Sabaini, MargheritaSavoldi, Karen Santanna.

Special thanks to: Silvia Peroni for having lending me her ears (literally) during the recording process, and to all  the Staff at palazzo Maffei for their support and enthusiasm.

Funded by Regione del Veneto for the project Art in Action

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