Swimming Home is a live immersive experience for audience members, each, in their own bathroom. Separated physically, they experience the piece at the same time, via the phone App Mercurious Net.

The audience is invited to prepare their set by filling up a bath, wear their costume (a swim suit, goggles and a big towel around their neck) and stand in front of their bathroom sink, with their headphones, on until the App triggers the track automatically at their chosen time.

Using the strategy of Autoteatro, where by audience members perform the piece themselves following simple audio instructions, Swimming Home suggests a new way of perceiving their relationship with water and the environment around them, constantly transforming it through sound.


Written following interviews with swimmers, swimming coaches and water lovers from all over the UK, the piece mixes the ordinary and the fictional worlds to confuse, embellish, distort and merge the audience’s perceptions of time & space, whilst maintaining them as theatrical subjects at the centre of the action.​


written by Silvia Mercuriali

produced by Giusi Di Gesaro

sound engineer Michele Panegrossi

Swimmers voices - Amy Cooper, María Estévez-Serrano, Zed Lightheart, Amaia Mugica, Maia Rossi, Kazuko Ohki, Karen Le Roy Harris, Daniel Barnard, Nigel Blackwell
App Development -  Michele Panegrossi 
Underwater Recording - Lewis Gibson

Accordion - Gemma Brockis 
Swimming Home video project - Susanne Dietz 
Graphic Designer - Peter Arnold 

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