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Silvia has been teaching many workshops in the UK and abroad. 

She has taught her Instruction Based Workshop in Philadelphia, Ireland, Germany and Australia and the UK and her Site-specific workshop has been taught in Italy, London and Tel Aviv.

She has given talks at University of Brighton for the Performance and Visual Art Course, MA course at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Sussex University, Middlesex university and Central Saint Martins.Silvia in part of PIINetwork (playing with intimacy and intensity Network) at Royal Central School of Speech and Auralia, a AHRC Leadership Fellowship led by Duška Radosavljević at RCSSD.


Her Devising Multi-sensory Performance for Video Goggles was taught in Victoria, Canada and Brisbane, Australia. She  has taken part in various panel discussion on her own work in the UK and abroad.


(6 hours workshop 15-20 people)

At the heart of Autoteatro work is a fascination with people coping with tasks, live and unrehearsed. This Instruction based Performance and Devising Process workshop offers participants the chance to explore both the different ways of implementing this strategy and the many issues it raises. Usually 1- 2 days and involving between 15-25 participants, it can be tailored to fit a variety of needs.

We begin with a basic level – one person telling another person what to do, either out loud or whispered – before bringing in examples of applications of the strategy in our work. Participants have a chance to try out some tested material to better understand the possibilities offered by this strategy, and then they move on to writing material foe each other to perform using basic technology: tape recorders, headphones etc.

The Technology used in the workshop is very simple and bring everything ourselves, except for a basic sound system.

Participants are encouraged to use the strategies we explore in their own ways and often find it directly inspiring and use-able.


(4 hrs – 3 days: 9 – 21 people) IDEALLY OVER AT LEAST 2 DAYS

This workshop is designed to explore the use of public spaces as a theatrical set, where the action of the performance transforms or compliments the audience’s perception of that public space. In this instance, performance may be the presence of a performer, a soundtrack, a text, a sense of narrative, an object or other possibilities to be discovered during the course of the workshop.

Participants will be encouraged to respond to three different public spaces looking at where to position an audience and how to higlights elements of the architecture that surround them.
They will work in groups to create different images/scenarios allowing them to explore collaborative practices as well as creating narratives to highten the perception of the space around them


(6 hours to 2 days for 8 to 20 participants)

How to create an immersive experience through film and the process of creation

Practical session – participants work to devise and create their own film for each other

During the workshop the group is introduced to the comapany’s work with an brief talk on Silvia’s work on Autoteatro and Simon’s intercatve flm making experience. Participants will work in groups to devise a short mult-sensory flm performance for video goggles with the focus on a piece that will be fully immersive.

They are engaged in practcal work to explore how to involve the different senses isolating them and finding strategies to enhance the perception of one sense at a time. They will be working on the construction of a narrative in which the main character is an audience member who becomes fictional and fully engaged in the action though working with instructions.

They will receive some tools of video and sound editing for this kind of work as well as creative process in a collaborative form.

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