Swimming Home

Sitting in the gallery of their local municipal pool, an audience watch real human-beings remove their layers, then dive into the water in which gravity manifests itself differently, and new psychologies, given the space to breath, might rise to the surface.


Swimming Home, is a private meditation unfurling, like a floating newspaper, in a very public place.

Slowly, simply, a sort of Chlorinated voyeurism makes way for unexpected intimacies.

Swimming Home further explores the autoteatro conception of audience-performer and themes of responsibility and perception of 'liveness', by placing the audience within a 'living' setting: the public space. 


Armed with headphones, the audience sit in the viewing gallery of a swimming pool, immersed in a dense soundscape, inviting them to look at their surrounding from different perspectives. The real and the imagined blur, creating a parallel reality, whilst around them, the general public carries on undisturbed. The Audience's panoramic view of the event is a melange of public & private interactions, comprising both the random/unplanned and the controlled/scripted. The shifts in the relationship between these elements are at the very centre of the piece.

If you would like more informations about this new production or you would like to help supporting it's development please write to info@silviamercuriali.com

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