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MACONDO is an Autoteatro show that combines instruction based theatre, binaural sound and poetic writing to create a unique collective experience.


Autoteatro is a strategy whereby there are no rehearsed performers, the show is played entirely by the audience, placing them and their unique way of reacting to instructions at the centre of the piece. 


Choosing between Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Hero, audience members become the main characters of a fictional narrative, following different pre-recorded audio tracks that steer their path through the show and create interactions and connections between them.

MACONDO appears for fifty minutes only in an empty theatre and takes the shape of the people that inhabit it, wrapped up in a predetermined fate.

Macondo currently exists in English and Italian but it can be translated into any language.

The show is a New Theatre Royal Portsmouth co-commission supported by Barbican Open Lab and funded by the Arts Council of England.

Written and directed By Silvia Mercuriali

Video design by Susanne Dietz

Music by Tommaso Perego

Lighting design by Kristina Heljm

sound engineer Michele Panegrossi

English version cast: Petra Massey, Gemma Brockis, Irene Hardy, Colin Carmichael, Nigel Barret, Kazuko Hohki, Sam Booth, Olwen, Fouéré, Janis Brockis

Italian Version Translated by Marina Mercuriali

Cast: Susanna Dalcielo, Marco Nardini, Gemma Brockis, Andrea Foa, Fabrizio Matteini, Silvia Mercuriali, Stella  Pecollo

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