Water is the driving force of all nature - Leonardo da Vinci 


Swimming Home is a show about the bliss of floating, the terror of sinking and the natural attraction to water which connects us all. It's a journey from private to public, from intimate to communal, which unfurls like a floating newspaper, over three acts.


Using the strategy of Autoteatro, where by audience members perform the piece themselves following simple audio instructions, Swimming Home invites the audience to reconsider their relationship with water and the environment around them, constantly transforming it through sound.


Written following interviews with swimmers, swimming coaches and water lovers from all over the UK, the piece mixes the ordinary and the fictional worlds to confuse, embellish, distort and merge the audience’s perceptions of time & space, whilst maintaining them as theatrical subjects at the centre of the action.


ACT 1 - Water, premiering on the 5th of October 2020 is a private meditation that takes place in the listeners' home.

Wearing a swimming costume, goggles and a pair of headphones, audience members are immersed in an aquatic and sonic world in their own bathroom .  The ordinary becomes fantastical and your home is transformed into a poetic space where the taps are waterfalls and the bath a primordial broth, from which anything can emerge.

Everything is considered in relation to the private imaginings and body sensations of the participant.

Here, through the looking glass, your skin looks softer and brighter; your ambitions and desires are hanging in the locker, as you float suspended.




10.30am & 8.30pm (your local time)


The show is accessible via Mercurious - NET App

Written and created by Silvia Mercuriali 
Narrating Voices - Silvia Mercuriali, Sam Booth and Simon Kane 
Swimmers voices - Amy Cooper, María Estévez-Serrano, Zed Lightheart, Amaia Mugica, Maia Rossi, Kazuko Ohki, Karen Le Roy Harris, Daniel Barnard, Nigel Blackwell
App Development -  Michele Panegrossi 
Underwater Recording - Lewis Gibson
Producer -  Giusi Di Gesaro 
Accordion - Gemma Brockis 
Swimming Home video project - Susanne Dietz 
Graphic Designer - Peter Arnold 

Produced by -  Giusi Di Gesaro 

With an extract from How To Read Water: Clues & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea by Tristan Gooley 

A special thanks to all of the swimmers interviewed for their stories and photos.
Thanks to Stuart Heyes for support, enthusiasm and advice.

DIY Swimming Home is a photographic project born alongside the theatre show. Developed almost by chance during lockdown, the artist has invited people to send a picture of themselves as if swimming in their own home.

Even when confined in our own homes water still connects us all 'through the pipes, under the floor, up and down stairs...

This project is constantly expanding and growing as people submit their pictures. 

Currently part of PHOTO FRINGE 2020


*a video project*

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