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Silent Dante

Silent Dante is a promenade show the guides audience members through the streets of the Verona, following the traces of Dante Alighieri.

Audience members are led through the city by a modern Virgilio (Alberto Pavoni) with the aid of a set of wireless headphones.

Silvia's Autoteatro strategy is used to guide the audience's gaze and set their walking rhythm as they proceed to  journey through the city. The soundscape invites the participants to re-immagine their surrounding to transform the modern Verona into a Medieval city just for a moment; As we learn about the life of the poet following his exile from Florence, we start to look at VERONA as if for the first time.

The city shifts and changes constantly, following the fictional audio reality in the audience's headphones. The deeper we walk into the city, the more it becomes intertwined with the words of Dante and turns into a dreamy fantastical place;  a surreal doorway to the moon amongst the poet's beloved stars.

From an original idea by Paolo Valerio

written by Silvia Mercuriali and Alberto Pavoni

Directed By Silvia Mercuriali and Paolo Valerio

sound design Silvia Mercuriali

With Alberto Pavoni as Virgilio and Letizia Bravi/Katia Mirabella as Beatrice.

Commissioned by Teatro Nuovo and Compagnia del Teatro Stabile di Verona. 

Co-produced by Teatro Nazionale della Toscana - Teatro della Pergola

& Teatro Stabile di Verona - Centro di Produzione Teatrale

Supported by Centro Scaligero degli Studi Danteschi

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