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Still Night

Inspired by Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, where Marco Polo continually re-imagines Venice as a myriad of cities, this show casts the city that hosts it, in the leading role.

'How is it that you know of this city? it is only now that I have dreamt of it'.

From Brisbane to Yokohama, through Kochi London and Athens, Still night changes continuously, adapting its shape and colours to reflect those of the city around it. 

The show begins as a seminar delivered in a language made up of many, mixed and distorted together. The lecturer, a mysterious woman from a faraway land, takes us through her journey across the city. Skipping along back alleys without a map, she stumbles across tiny dogs, cafes and major city landmarks, equally entranced by all. Mixing real events and places, she takes us away from the city we know, and the room we are in disappears.


As we shift into another world, the city host drifts into the distance of our imagination. In the near darkness and surrounded by luxurious sound, we find ourselves in a corner of the gardens of Xanadu, considering the empire of the Great Kubla Khan.  

The show currently exists in English, Italian, Japanese and Greek, but it can be translated into any language and adapts to any city in the world.

written devised and performed by Silvia Mercuriali and Gemma Brockis

a Berlin, Nevada production

sound design by Lewis Gibson

Funded by The Arts Council of England

Co-commission by Museum of Art of Kochi

Supported by Fuel Theatre

For booking please e-mail


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